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1906 Established Sugita Co. and started supplying glass products for science and medical industries as a sholesaler by Tohtaro Sugita.
1915 As a first company in optical industry, started exporting scientific and glass products to USA and Europe.
1930 Rename to Sugitoh Optical Glass Mfg., Co.
1939 Started production at Kamata Factory for supplying reticules, levels bubbles and other potical parts.
1944 Re-organized company and started selling special lensed, levels for aircraft, clinometer, and marine compass, etc. for military industry.
1945 Kamata factory was burned out due to WWII. After ending WWII , company restarted to produce and sell consumer products such as glass-craft necklaces, broaches etc.
1950 Started in first in the industry to manufacture front surface mirror or Twin Reflex Camera.
1966 Moved the main offece to Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and opened the Kanda factory to produce levels, absorbing cells, etc.
1968 Founder, Tohtaro Sugita died.
1973 Started suplying Corner Cube Prism and other optical parts and units for surveying instruments.
1974 Renew the company name to SUGITOH OPTICS Co.,LTD.
1976 Started supplying Video Camera and related products
1977 Moved to present address.
1982 Change the company name to SUGITOH CO.,LTD., and increase the capital to 15,000,000YEN.
1983 Started selling Pocket Micrometer, Microscope and various inspection instruments incruding Dust Tester, Distortion Tester, and others.
1985 Produced and sell the Focal Length Meter.
1987 Started supplying Optical Lens Kit.
1988 Started selling Holder Kit and C-mount Bench.
1991 Opened Osaka Br. office.
1992 Opened Fukushima Distribution Center.
1993 Started production and supplying Zoom Lens System. Thai factory started the production on lapping, centering plane polishing section.
1995 Started production and supplying accessories for image processing.
1996 Started production and supplying Large XY Stage. Polishing Section of Thai Factory is started it's production.
1997 Large Micrometer 5X are started its production and supplying. SUGITOH OPTICAL (THAILAND) LTD is estableshed.
1998 Developed Micrometer scope with built-in-lamp (20x, 50x, 100x, and 200) and started production and supplying.
1999 Developed Microscope with LED and started production and supplying.