General Outline
  Optical Lens Parts
  Special Glass Works
  Zoom Microscope Set
  Zoom Lens Series
Lens Series
  Camera Series
  Camera Stand Series
  Barrels & Accessories
  Micrometer series (loupe, microscope, etc)
Special Glass Products Glass balls, Large reinforced glasses for Computers, Quartz, Special treatment and cutting for glass, Sapphires, Rubies

Laser Products Beam expanders, Collimator lenses, Laser spots and slits, Large mirrors, Measure units, Medical laser units, Non-contact measurement units

Video Products Video camera Assys., Video zoom lenses, Video Fixed focal lenses, Stereo units, Wide converters, Teleconverters, Microscopes,

Medical Products Special lenses; Prisms; Mirrors; Reticules; Optical units for ophthalmic Instruments; Instruments and surgical operation Instruments, and fiberscopes; Mirrors; Magnifiers; Name printer, Lens fot x-Ray.

Measurement Products Projection lenses, Projection mirrors, Scales. Optical flats, Parallels. Micrometers, Microscopes. Distortion testers, Charts. Glass tubes for Micrometers. Special thermometer, Lenses for radiation thermometer, Sensor lenses.

Surveying Instruments Corner cube prisms, Special levels, Tubular & Circular levels. Peism holders.

Analytical Products Various Absorption cells and filters; Special glasses, Prisms, Interference filters; Micro-cylinders

Photographic Products Zoom lenses, Micro lenses, Enlargeing lenses, Projection lenses, Levelers, Various Filters, Loupes.

Educational Products Overhead lenses, Objective lenses, Polarized plates, Retardation plates, Eyepiece lenses, Barrels, Prism Lenses

OA Machinery Products Lens for facsimile, copy machine and barcode readers

Others Relay lanses, Condenser lenses, Aspherical lenses