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Aluminized Surface Mirror
This is single layer alminum coating with protective over coated.
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Part No. Size Coating TC Material
TS-0811R 5X5mm Al+Sio 1 Crown
TS-0812R 10X10mm Al+Sio 1 Crown
TS-0813R 30X30mm Al+Sio 2 Crown
TS-0814R 50X50mm Al+Sio 3 Crown
TS-0815R 100X100mm Al+Sio 3 Crown
TS-0830R 7 Al+Sio 0.6 Crown
TS-0831R 10 Al+Sio 2 Crown
TS-0832R 20 Al+Sio 2 Crown
TS-0833R 22 Al+Sio 2 Crown
TS-0834R 26 Al+Sio 2.5 Crown
TS-0835R 30 Al+Sio 2 Crown
TS-0836R 36 Al+Sio 3 Crown
TS-0837R 40 Al+Sio 3 Crown
TS-0838R 50 Al+Sio 7 Crown
TS-0839R 53 Al+Sio 8 Crown
TS-0840R 76 Al+Sio 8 Crown
TS-0847R 30X30mm Al+Mgf2 3 Crown
TS-0848R 50X50mm Al+Mgf2 3 Crown
TS-0849R 100X100mm Al+Mgf2 3 Crown
TS-0850R 52.5X34mm Al+Mgf2 2 Crown
TS-0851R 72.3X46mm Al+Mgf2 2 Crown
TS-0852R 89.3X58mm Al+Mgf2 2 Crown

Cold Mirror
This reflect visible light and transmit near infrared light.
For Detail
Part No. Size Coating TC Material
TS-0800R 50X50mm Dielectic Multilaver Coated 2 Crown
TS-0800R1 30X30mm Dielectic Multilaver Coated 2 Crown
TS-0800R2 100X100mm Dielectic Multilaver Coated 2 Crown