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Cube Beamsplitter
Separating incident light more than 2 lights.
For Detail
Part No. Dia. Material
TS-0715P 5X5X5mm BK-7
TS-0716P 8X8X8mm BK-7
TS-0717P 10X10X10mm BK-7
TS-0718P 15X15X15mm BK-7
TS-0719P 20X20X20mm BK-7
TS-0720P 22X22X22mm BK-7
TS-0721P 25X25X25mm BK-7

Cube Polarized Beamsplitter
Cemented hypotenuse each of matched Right Angle Prisms. Unpolarized incident beam light is separated S and P Polarized at the cemented surface.
For Detail
Part No. Wavelength Size Material
TS-0722P 632.8nm 5X5X5mm BK-7
TS-0723P 632.8nm 10X10X10mm BK-7
TS-0724P 632.8nm 22X22X22mm BK-7
TS-0725P 632.8nm 25X25X25mm BK-7
TS-0725P1 670.0nm 5X5X5mm BK-7
TS-0725P2 670.0nm 10X10X10mm BK-7
TS-0725P3 670.0nm 15X15X15mm BK-7
TS-0725P4 670.0nm 20X20X20mm BK-7
TS-0725P5 670.0nm 22X22X22mm BK-7
TS-0725P6 670.0nm 25X25X25mm BK-7
TS-0726P 780.0nm 5X5X5mm BK-7
TS-0727P 780.0nm 10X10X10mm BK-7
TS-0728P 780.0nm 22X22X22mm BK-7
TS-0729P 780.0nm 25X25X25mm BK-7
TS-0729P1 820.0nm 5X5X5mm BK-7
TS-0729P2 820.0nm 10X10X10mm BK-7
TS-0729P3 820.0nm 15X15X15mm BK-7
TS-0729P4 820.0nm 20X20X20mm BK-7
TS-0729P5 820.0nm 22X22X22mm BK-7
TS-0729P6 820.0nm 25X25X25mm BK-7
TS-0729P7 870.0nm 5X5X5mm BK-7
TS-0729P8 870.0nm 10X10X10mm BK-7
TS-0729P9 870.0nm 15X15X15mm BK-7
TS-0729P10 870.0nm 20X20X20mm BK-7
TS-0729P11 870.0nm 22X22X22mm BK-7
TS-0729P12 870.0nm 25X25X25mm BK-7