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Micrometerscope with LED  LED付ミクロメータースコープ

Designed as steady shape to avoid falling.
TS-8LEN series(erected image) are equipped with LED ring light surrounded the objective lens to illuminate the objective clearly.

Without adjusting the light angle, it will allow you to inspect the object under dark environment.

※This series requires TS-8L-LCC battery box with light control (Optional)

This products are highly reputation products as they are used in Louvre Museum and Japanese National Museum as restoring painting.

This will allow you to have bright image by using white LED ring light as illumination.
To avoid falling, steady shape plastic base is used at the objective side.
By using light control power, the light can be adjustable depending on the objective character.

 Inspect of PCB, electrical parts, metal parts, printing surface, etc.

P/N Mag. Field of View Min. Scale Measurable Range W.D.
TS-8LEN-20 20x 9.0mm 0.05mm 5.0mm 28.0mm
TS-8LEN-50 50x 3.6mm 0.02mm 2.0mm 16.0mm
TS-8LEN-100 100x 2.1mm 0.01mm 1.0mm 16.0mm
TS-8LEN-200 200x 1.05mm 0.005mm 0.3mm 6.3mm

品番 名称
TS-LACLC AC adapter with light control
TS-8L-LCC Battery box with light control
Tip of Ball point pen image taken by TS-8LEN with Nikon CoolPix*4300
Digital Camera Adapter  デジカメアダプタ
P/N Description
TS-8L-DGA Universal Digital Camera Adapter

(There are some cameras which are not correponded. Please ask us for confirmation before placing order with us)