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Pocket Microscope ポケットミクロスコープ SCORPION

This product is pocket microscope with zoom function.

This is Erected type. Available to change maginifications by barrel up-down and straight barrel with LED Lights.

To avoid diffused reflection, special treatment has done inside of the barrel, it will allow you to have clear and eye-friendly view.

If the object size is 1.5 square milimeter, it is possible to observe whole view because of having deep depth of field.

By attaching the digital camera using *Digital camera adaptero(Optional) or USB camera adapter (optional), it will allow you to record and save the image easily.

Application:Available to bring it in a factory to observe and inspect for Electrical Parts, Circuit Board, Metal Surface, Printed Letters, etc.

Compact body with light weight to use like pen.   

Attaching corn shape diffuser in front of micro scope, it will allow you to have obliquely-view so that the image will be stereo.

By attaching the digital camera using *Digital camera adapter (Optional), it will allow you to record and save the image easily.

Magnification will be changed by moving the barrel up and down.
P/N Magnification Diameter Length Weight
TS-SP-01 30〜50X 23.3〜30.0mm 137.2〜180.0mm 160g
TS-SP-02 70〜100X
  • White High Brightness LED 8 Lights
  • Eye Cup (Protective Rubber for Eyes)
  • Battery Holder with Light Control
  • With Cone Shape Acrylic Diffuser
  • LED 8 Lights (Battery Power Supply UM3 x 4)
  • Erected Image Type

If C / CS Mount Camera, installable it easily and available to observe an object thru Monitor.
*Need 5mm Thickness Ring for CS Mount.
P/N Product
TS-8L-USB-01 USB Camera Adapter
TSLW-1614(ITV Lense)

The image with TS-CA-130M
(1.3M Mega Pixels USB Color Camera)
TS-SP-M1 Scale
0.05mm Reticle
TS-SP-M2 Scale
0.1mm Reticle