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Zoom Microscope System - Standard type-

It is useful tool to measure hte microscope image. It is space friendly product as it provides with built-in light.

This product includes macro zoom lens, camera stand with XY stage, CCD camera, light as all-in-one. Depending on your application, you can change the lens from our line.

Application: various inspection
Basic Set
Description P/N Specification
High Magnification macro zoom lens TS-93003N-CZ5 See following Optical specification.
Megapixel USB camera TS-CA-130MIII 1.3M pixels CMOS color USB camera・1/2 inch ・C-mount
LED ring light for CZ5 TS-LAX-CZ5M White LED ring light (18)・Direct/Diffusing
with LED control battery box
Power supply for LED ring light TS-LAX-LCC
AC adapter for TS-LAX-LCC TS-WL5M-AC
Simple Small Camera Stand TS-0147NH Pole φ20mm・t=300mm
70mm2 Small XY Stage TS-XY-70 Both Axises ±25mm movement、Load:4.0kgs

TS-93003N-CZ5 Optical Specification
Optical Magnification 0.65〜5.20X
Work Distance 35.7mm±5%
Resolution at Object side(line/mm) 80〜400 lines
Depth Field of View 0.57mm〜0.01mm
TV Distortion +0.07〜+0.09
Objective Image Circle φ12.1mm〜1.6mm
Lens Element 9G12E
Dimension and Weight φ40 x L117 (mm)/180g
Front Converter Lens
WD fixed series for TS-93003
Description P/N Spec.(using with TS-93003N-CZ5)
WD50mm fixed FC TS-WD-50 x4.00〜3.240x (W.D. 50mm)
WD75mm fixed FC TS-WD-75 x0.280〜2.240x (W.D. 75mm)
WD100mm fixed FC TS-WD-100 x0.214〜1.712x (W.D. 100mm)

P/N:  TS-EX-15
Name:1.5x Extender
Spec: Length: 4.1mm exclude thread part, C-mount
P/N:  TS-EX-20
Name:2.0x Extender
Spec: Length: 9.0mm exclude thread part, C-mount
P/N:  TS-EX-30
Name:3.0x Extender
Spec: Length: 13.1mm except thread part, C-mount
P/N:  TS-EX-50
Name:5.0x Extender
Spec: Length: 30.0mm exclude thread part, C-mount
Optional parts for Illumination
Description P/N Specification
Filter frame TS-CZ5-1 φ44mm Diffuser/Polarized Frame for TS-LA-CZ5
Diffuser filter TS-CZ5-2 φ39.5mm Doughnut shape, Diffuser
Polarized filter TS-CZ5-3 φ39.5mm Doughnut shape, Polarizer
Area polarized filter TS-CZ-5-4 φ18mm Polarizer to attach head of zoom lens
Adapter for LED light TS-LA-AD40 Screw type Adapter for LED ring light
LED ring 90 lights TS-LAX-390 White LED ring light 3φ90
Power supply for LED TS-KV-100 Power supply with light control for LED, 100V 〜220V (Multinational)